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Type-A marketing & messaging strategy for lifestyle entrepreneurs

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

You’ve been trying to figure out how to get some traction for your business, and maybe you’ve even invested in a program or coaching – but you’ve seen little results and you’re starting to get discouraged.

You’ve felt like quitting at least once (no shame, I’ve been there).

You feel like you’re on the content creation hamster wheel, putting content out EVERYWHERE and doing everything right, but nothing seems to be working.

You find yourself thinking “There’s just too much to do! How the heck am I supposed to get all this done?”

If this sounds like you - you're in the right place!

The truth is a lot of the marketing strategy out there isn't meant for lifestyle businesses.

You need a strategy that's meant for you
(not for business coaches training other business coaches to coach business coaches...)

The Efficiency Catalyst Framework is designed specifically for health, wellness and lifestyle businesses so they can create more effective content, attract more people, and make more money - without the stress.

Pillar One: Clarify Your Messaging

Any business that is struggling online is likely to have a problem with their messaging. Your key to success is to create a clear strong message that connects to your ideal customer on a human, personal level. If you can show them that you understand their struggle, and can speak to the exact desires they want, while showing them the exact steps they need to take to get there – you’ll have their trust and their business.

Pillar Two: Give away the right content for free

You don’t want to give away your best information for free, you want to give away the right information for free. Being consistent and authentic online helps, but there’s much more to it when it comes to an effective content creation strategy. Think about it: health coaches everywhere are sharing meal plans and work-out plans for free and those highly valuable resources are sitting on someone’s phone or computer collecting digital dust. If you give away free content that your customer isn’t ready for, they’re not going to take action and are going to stay stuck. This is why knowing what to give your audience that meets them where they’re at and helps them realize that they want to change will make all the difference.

Pillar Three: Streamline Your Content Creation

Unless you have unlimited funds or unlimited time, you’ll need to streamline your content creation. I get it. I’m an entrepreneur with 2 successful online businesses – and I still have time to show up as a balanced human in my personal life. This is only possible because I have cracked the code to streamlining content creation and social media growth, while still cultivating a close-knit community through my email list, social following, online programs and memberships. It is 100% possible to show up on your blog, podcast, and YouTube channel every week, while having an engaged social presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Linked In without losing your sanity.

Pillar Four - Systemize Your Launch

There are many more components to a successful launch than just your launch week and sales system. But if you have free content that pre-sells your programs and a PR strategy that helps you grow your audience and email list in the simplest and mose efficient way possible – you’ll be way ahead of the game when it comes time for your challenge, webinar, or video series. A successful launch starts long before you’d think, but when you’re strategic with your messaging during your pre-launch phase, you will have a greater impact and be more profitable.

Are you ready for strategic business strategy designed specifically for you?

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