Month: August 2020

22 – Assertive Communication & Behavior

Available Lessons: Assertive Behavior & Communication Audio version of lesson: Click here for this lesson’s workbook Transcript Welcome back. When starting to think about the communication styles we currently use and wanting to switch them to assertive communication, it can be very scary.  People we’ve been interacting with are used to our current style, whether …

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How to overcome the desire for instant gratification

So…. I want to talk about something that I, as just barely a millennial at 36, find really interesting but also frustrating about where society is taking us.
There’s this drive to be hyper-productive, to always be connected with our phones never being too far from reach.
This instant gratification society is literally damaging our health, and it’s something we need to start fixing – and in this episode, I’m going to give you lots of ideas.


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