Heather Thatcher

The 2 reasons most goals fail

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are when you start working towards a goal, if you don’t have these two things in mind – you’re going to stay stuck, falling back on old habits and always in the cycle of starting over from the beginning.
If you want to achieve those goals and reach success as fast as possible – these are the two things you need to consider because these are the top two reasons why most goals fail.

4 – Setting Up Acuity Scheduler and PayPal

Available Lessons: Setting Up Acuity Scheduler Click here to go to Acuity and get started Setting Up PayPal I recommend using PayPal because they are very well established and don’t have any shady practices like some other popular payment management systems available online. Stripe is a very popular one, but it’s actually written in their …

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Feed Your Body With Love: A stress story from Jennifer Dragonette Jacobsen

Let’s talk about stress: with Jennifer Dragonette-Jacobsen Jennifer’s Website Jennifer’s Facebook Group Jennifer’s Podcast Free EFT Tapping Guide Subscribe to the Ultimate Life Survival Guide podcast and never miss an episode! iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcher Castbox Can you think of someone who would also benefit from listening to this? Send it to them: Facebook-f …

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Why meditation is necessary to overcome obstacles

There are so many research studies that show the profound impact meditation can have on our health and mental wellbeing. But knowing that something is good for us isn’t always enough, right?

Otherwise, we’d all be exercising regularly and eating only healthy food.

Not exactly the Western Society norm, is it?

In this episode I’m going to share a bit about why meditation needs to be added to your tool-box, and not just for stress and relaxation – but also for complex problem solving.


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