Ready to let go of the struggle and start to make more money in your business?

It's time to Narrow Your Niche

If you’re ready to stop struggling to find clients…

If you’re ready to feel confident in a niche without feeling like you’re leaving people out…

If you’re ready to be able to confidently answer the question “What do you do?” without feeling like you’re explaining or defending yourself…

The Narrowing Your Niche workshop is for you!

By the end of no-pitch 25 minute workshop you’re going to know how to:

  • Create a niche that you can grow into that still allows you to stand out in your industry
  • Have a clear and powerful elevator pitch that specifically states: who you are, how you help them and, most importantly, why they need to work with you!
  • Create a Curiosity Title that has people wanting to know more

And finally, (most importantly) how to put all of this into a straight-forward, easy to follow business plan so you can create major traction, increase your impact, and make more money fast.

Not having the right niche for your business is costing you $$$

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