Helping you maximize the potential
of your organization

Improving retention, productivity and morale by providing
employee-focused mindset training.


What you have:

– Highly qualified employees with massive potential for your organization

– A proven track record of providing excellent service for your customers and clients

– Motivated leadership, dedicated to your organizations mission and values who are passionate about inspiring your employees to become actively engaged in their work

But there's something missing that is causing your company to struggle with retention, engagement and productivity.

What I help you do:

Improve Retention – Your retention rates will improve after our training because your employees will accept responsibility for their own job satisfaction and will be given evidence-based mindset strategies to facilitate this.

Empower Your Key Staff – Your Super-Achiever Employees are your non-squeaky wheels that work very hard for your organization without complaint. Because they expect that their hard work behind the scenes will speak for itself, these employees are at risk of feeling underappreciated and will leave – requiring you to hire two people to replace them. We know you can’t read these Super-Achiever Employee’s minds to know they feel underappreciated, so instead we teach these employees the skills they need to advocate for themselves and speak up.

Community Anchors – 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. Creating a sense of community and belonging isn’t just up to you as the employer and leadership team. Your employees can also create Community Anchors that will increase their connection to the organization, improve retention, and could even lower recruitment costs as your employees become ambassadors for your company and seek out qualified candidates to fill vacant positions.

Meet Heather

I’m passionate about helping organizations who are struggling to retain their staff. With over a decade as a Registered Nurse both in the Intensive Care Units (known for high turnover rates) and in the community, I am no stranger to navigating challenging work environments.

I’ve seen the impact that morale and a sense of community can have on not only improving retention but also lowering recruitment costs because the current employees will reach out to qualified candidates on their own to encourage them to fill vacant positions. Plus, when employees feel connected to the organization through Community Anchors, their internal and external motivation increases thus empowering them to reach their full productivity capacity. 

The organizations I work with already have immense potential for a dynamic, engaged, and productive team, they’re just missing the one ingredient that will ignite this transformation – empowerment. That is what I teach their front line employees and leadership team in my keynote presentations, half-day workshops, one-on-one coaching programs, and online training modules.

Featured Article:

9-minute read

You work hard to create a company culture with high moral, low turnover, and engaged employees who are dedicated to their work. Yet, no matter what you try and how much you do to support your staff, your company morale is low, engagement and productivity are down, and your employees are leaving. 

With no clear cause you’re left wondering what you’re missing and how you can create positive change that will last beyond a keynote presentation at a company-wide training day. The truth is it’s not the organizational policies that need to change. The power lies in the hands of your employees and it’s your job to show them how to access this.

So what is standing in the way of your employees realizing their role in improving company culture and owning their responsibility for their job satisfaction?


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