Hi, I'm Heather!

Nice to meet you!

I believe that life is full of beautiful possibilities, yet sadly most people are going through life in survival mode and miss out on the wonder and joy that life has to offer.
Because of stress, negative self-talk and a distorted view of life, many people hold themselves back from reaching their true potential and finding the inner peace and happiness they’ve been craving.
It’s my mission to show people how to live with conscious intention so they can lower their stress, feel in control of their life and confidently go after anything they want.

And now I help organizations improve retention rates, productivity and employee engagement by offering employee-centered mindset training and executive coaching.

Over my decade-long career as a Registered Nurse I’ve seen the negative impact that stress and a fixed mindset have on workplace morale. Low morale leads to higher turnover and increased recruitment and other operational costs.
First hand, I’ve seen that when companies are experiencing high turnover rates and a challenging company culture, there are three main reasons: 
  1. The front-line employees have a fixed-mindset instead of a growth mindset, focusing on problems rather than contributing to the solutions.
  2. The Super-Achieving Employees mistakenly believe that their hard work should speak for itself and don’t know how to assertively communicate that they’re feeling underappreciated for their efforts.
  3. The organization has a lack of connection and belonging as a workplace community. 
Over the past 10 years I have been honing my skills to provide mindset training both in my nursing practice which has transitioned to an online practice in 2015, and more recently included helping organizations maximize the potential of their front-line workers as well as provide one-on-one Executive Coaching and leadership training.
Using only evidence-based strategies that have been proven to work, time after time, it’s my mission to help individuals within your organization get back in the driver’s seat so that they can lower their stress, feel in control, and achieve their full potential – which translates to increased job satisfaction, retention, productivity and an improved solutions-focused work culture.

How can I help you?

Start with the morale assessment

In order to fix a problem we have to be aware of it and the degree to which it’s affecting your organization. Get the free morale assessment survey to distribute throughout your staff to learn your morale baseline.

Find helpful resources to share with your staff

From podcast episodes, to articles, to worksheets and self-driven programs – we’ve got you covered.

Ready to take your organization to the next level?

Learn how we can work together to create massive momentum in your organization by helping empower your employees to achieve their full potential, improve their workplace culture and improve retention.


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