The Solopreneur Survival Guide podcast is a free online business course, with effective strategies, up-to-date information, cheatsheets, and checklists to take you from stressed out to streamlined CEO.

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What's inside your free business course:

Season one – Building Your Business Foundation:

  1. Narrowing your Niche
  2. Your Three Higher-Level Outcomes
  3. Your Four Brand Pillars
  4. Your Value Articulation Statement – Part One
  5. Setting goals for your life and your business
  6. Choosing your brand colors, picking your logo, and creating your brand board
  7. Your Five Brand Connectors

Season two – Creating Your Brand Story

  1. What’s a customer brand story and why do you need one?
  2. Defining your Struggling Avatar
  3. Defining your customer’s Dreamy Future Vision
  4. Identifying the villains
  5. Why you are Yoda, not Luke
  6. The Trans-theoretical Model of Change and why this is marketing GOLD!
  7. Refining your value articulation statement

Season three – Social media

  1. The social media handshake
  2. Facebook 101
  3. Instagram 101
  4. Twitter 101
  5. Snap-chat and TikTok
  6. Pinterest
  7. Linked In
  8. What to post on social media
  9. Why you need a social media scheduling app

Season Four – Email lists and Opt-In Freebies

  1. What’s an email list and why do you need one?
  2. Email management software
  3. How to get people on your list
  4. Creating your first few opt-in freebies

Season Five – Website

  1. Why you need a website (and the real purpose of a website)
  2. Free vs. paid hosting and buying your domain name
  3. Creating your killer home page
  4. How to write an about page that’s not about you
  5. Why you need a contact page and what to expect

Season Six – Weekly Content Creation Plan

  1. Blog,Podcast, YouTube, oh my!
  2. Your content creation plan
  3. How-to content
  4. Connection content
  5. Thought leadership content
  6. Your core content piece

Season Seven – Attracting Your Audience

  1. Why you want to start attracting your audience BEFORE your start making your program
  2. Google and Pinterest SEO basics
  3. How to leverage other people’s Facebook Groups to grow your audience
  4. How to leverage other Instagram accounts to grow your audience
  5. Other social media growth tactics that work (and the ones that really don’t)
  6. Why you need to start guest blogging and getting on podcast interviews

Season Eight – Creating Your Irresistible Offer

  1. The difference between a course, program, and membership site and how to know which one is best for you
  2. How to run a beta test and what to include in a beta test
  3. The James Wedmore “Monetize Before Your Make It” strategy
  4. Sell them what they want, give them what they need
  5. Creating your program framework and outline using the sticky-note method

Season Nine – How to sell your program

  1. Perfecting your pitch
  2. Why selling through story is essential (and gets rid of the icky salesy feeling)
  3. Launching with webinars, workshops, a video series or a 5-day challenge – which one to choose
  4. How to set launch goals the right way
  5. Writing your email sequence
  6. The three marketing seasons and how to make the most out of all of them