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Looking for a step-by-step business building system with proven results? This is for you:

So many business courses out there just teach the theory and leave the implementation up to you to figure out. This can really slow you down in the beginning as you’re trying to learn social media marketing, website design, email management and so many other things. The Business Builder Program within the Solopreneur Survival Guide community gives you that step-by-step guidance, with walk-through videos, templates, ongoing feedback and support, your own mastermind circle of other online business owners to offer you the support and accountability you need along the way. If you’re looking to build your successful online business as fast as possible and on a solid foundation – you belong here.

Already have a business and feel that you're doing everything right, but still not making much money? This is for you:

I see it all the time – the struggling Solo-entrepreneur who is trying to be everywhere online to grow their business, but nothing seems to be working and they’re making very little traction (and money). The truth is you don’t need a VA – you need a streamlined business with simple but highly effective strategies to make the most out of your time so that #1 social media can be fun again, #2 you have more time to do the work that actually makes you money, and most importantly #3 you’ll have more time to help the people you were meant to help through your programs, products and services. You started your business to make an impact and help people while also being able to support yourself financially – let’s make that happen for you.

Ready to make more money in your business by putting an end to Impostor Syndrome? This is for you:

The 12 week intensive Mindset Reboot group coaching program is for people who are ready to get out of their own way and quiet their inner critic so they can maximize their impact (and profits) in their business. Your message deserves to be heard by the masses – don’t let your Inner Critic and your limiting beliefs hold you back any longer!

Enrollment for this program is open twice a year. 

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Ready to fast track your business? Work with me one-on-one

Due to the high demand and time constraints I have a limited number of spaces open for one-on-one coaching. 

Please book a free 30-minute consultation call by clicking the button below to see if we’re a good fit and to discuss the packages, pricing and available start dates.

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