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So…. I want to talk about something that I, as just barely a millennial at 36, find really interesting but also frustrating about where society is taking us.
There’s this drive to be hyper-productive, to always be connected with our phones never being too far from reach.
This instant gratification society is literally damaging our health, and it’s something we need to start fixing – and in this episode, I’m going to give you lots of ideas.

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I know this may sound like I’m stating the obvious, but all health care workers weren’t born with some gene that makes it easier for them to wear a mask all day.
It’s not like we don’t also suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety when we put that mask on.
But your mask is a clear signal, a badge of honor that shows you’re a caring, compassionate person – and in this episode I’m going to share how I got over the panic I felt when I wore a mask and how you can do this, too.

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It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are when you start working towards a goal, if you don’t have these two things in mind – you’re going to stay stuck, falling back on old habits and always in the cycle of starting over from the beginning.
If you want to achieve those goals and reach success as fast as possible – these are the two things you need to consider because these are the top two reasons why most goals fail.

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Let’s talk about stress:with Jennifer Dragonette-Jacobsen Jennifer’s Website Jennifer’s Facebook Group Jennifer’s Podcast Free EFT Tapping Guide Subscribe to the Ultimate Life Survival Guide podcast

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There are so many research studies that show the profound impact meditation can have on our health and mental wellbeing. But knowing that something is good for us isn’t always enough, right?

Otherwise, we’d all be exercising regularly and eating only healthy food.

Not exactly the Western Society norm, is it?

In this episode I’m going to share a bit about why meditation needs to be added to your tool-box, and not just for stress and relaxation – but also for complex problem solving.

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Have you ever heard of the quote by Abraham Lincoln where he said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”?

It’s a great quote and talks about an excellent way to ensure our success.

Instead of just setting a goal and plowing forward, hoping that everything lines up just right so that we can achieve it, he is suggesting that we spend more time thinking out our plan of action.

But this, my dear friend, is where so many of us get stuck sharpening our axe waiting for the right time, the right circumstances, or for when we’ll feel ready.

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